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Ideas in a collection be ranked based on specific qualities or goals. By default each collection has 4 rankings: Passion, Urgency, Clarity. The owner of the collection can add more rankings, for instance "Contest winner" or "Profitable".

For each ranking an idea will start without a score, it can then be set to: Low, Average, High.

Example: Diamond cupcakes

Description: "Will reach new audience willing to pay more, great for profits!"

It can have a Passion ranking of High and a Clarity ranking of Low. It sounds fun and perhaps good for business, but is it jewelery or perhaps a diamond shaped cupcake?

Why rank?

Ranking stimulates you to take on multiple perspectives. At the same time it brings focus on what are the most important perspectives. The discussion about what rankings should even be used can be extremely important discussion within a team.

Once you have ranked ideas, it can guide your thinking and the conversation to set concrete next steps. For instance ideas with low clarity may need some extra attention.


You can ask others to give feedback on your idea, by creating a feedback link. You can share this link with friends, who won't need an account in order to fill in the feedback form.

Results will show up in your idea comments. A feedback link stays online for 30 days, but you can take it offline sooner.

Question sets

To stimulate your thinking and the conversation questions are provided.

Click on +Questions to show the different sets, then click on a set to have those questions be part of your comment. It's up t you to answer those questions.


In the description fields you can write a tag using the # symbol like this: #cupcakes

It will be shown in lists and is easy to use a filter to group ideas or comments.

Special tag: #story

In the comments of an idea, you can toggle to only see #story tags. Once you are in 'story mode' you can re-order your comments as if they are slides in a presentation, or pages in a book.

There is a special story view to only look at those #story pages.

If you change the order of #story comments, it will add a number like this #story-1. If you want to quickly move a story comment to the back you can write #story-9999 and save it. Assuming you have 5 story comments, it will be actually be saved as #story-5.

Special tag: #questions

See Question sets.

Collaborate on questions and stories

All members of a collection can edit each others comments. This makes it possible to ask questions in context, collaborate on slides of #story etc.

At the bottom of the comment it shows who updated the comment last.


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