Technology used

Our platform is built using Django, a very mature framework that is also for Instagram and YouTube. We also make use Docker and Nginx; both industry standard solutions for offering online services.

Legal risk

On this disclaimer page we provide our best effort and intentions. We intent do to make the experience of our services pleasant and secure, we are currently not in the position to take on any legal risks. So use our services at your own risk. We take no responsibility for any negative impact our services may have. This includes, but is not limited to statements about privacy and ownership.

Privacy & ownership

We store your ideas and other content you provide, so we can provide the services to our users. You remain the owner of this content. The team working on ideas2innovate will be able to view your content, including private content, in order to provide you with support and improve our services. We will never make this content public without your consent.


If something goes wrong we want to know about it. Email us at email to support@ideas2innovate.com and we'll try to fix it and keep you updated on our progress.

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