Ideas2Innovate is a way for individuals and groups to grow ideas.

  • Simple
  • Stimulate new perspectives


In 2013 Julius Huijnk started building the app Idea Growr. A free android app for your ideas. Everything is stored offline on the device. It quickly became clear that online storage and collaboration was in high demand.

Idea Growr on Google Play

It took almost a decade to actually work on this online platform. I worked in user experience design and switched to software development in order to be in a better position to make it happen. I'm now growing my team to make this a platform that turns all our best ideas into our best future.

Our vision: Inclusive innovation

We create tools that allow and stimulate all of us to participate and design the world we want to live in. We aim to make it simpler, cheaper and more fun to participate and grow ideas regardless of prior knowledge about the creative process.

How to grow ideas

Ideas grow by catching them early and grow them in the right conditions. It helps if you are aware of the mindset that is required.

Great video by John Cleese on creativity

Updates to i2i

April 2022
  • Reversed order of comments. New on top.
February 2022
  • Comment updates log message shows in feed.
  • Block 'links in comments'
  • Feedback links
  • View ranking idea cards compact/normal/full size
  • Layout & styling tweaks
January 2022
  • Help page explains basics of rankings, #story and question sets
  • Ranking improvements; preview buttons, add, edit, toggle compact/full
  • Edit comment from other author to collaborate on #story
  • Updated navigation, quick + button, etc
  • Layout tweaks & styling tweaks; private label, list of idea/contest members, etc
  • About and Help page
  • Quality score board improvement, like move on mobile via dropdown
  • Members at team level
  • Improved access control
  • Login session cookie set to 4 months
  • Improved security & 404 page
  • Save idea only for contest with access
  • Notification email when in conversation, setting
Dec 2021
  • Profiles & profile page, edit, avatar
  • Private contests
  • Markdown in comments, descriptions
  • Changes to content mixed with comments
  • Homepage with the latest stuff
  • Comments with images, edit, delete, starring, without page refresh
  • Filter comments by star, story (with ordering), image, log, questions
  • Presentation view on story
  • E-mail notifications
  • Question sets in comments
Nov 2021
  • Basic setup: contests, ideas, comments, quality boards
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