Ideas 2 innovate

Our ideas platform makes it easy to gather and grow valuable ideas.

Ideas going to waste

Give ideas a chance

By innovating faster you'll outpace the competition and attract talent. But claiming to do so is not enough. If only low risk choices are rewarded and ideas are kept private, it's time for a change.

Ideas adding value

Embrace ideas to innovate

Step one is quite simple; ask everyone to share their best ideas. The crucial and harder part is the follow up. Our platform ideas 2 innovate facilitates this process to build a culture of innovation.

Screenshot step analyze
In the analyze step you group ideas on different aspects.

Why contests?

An ideas contest acts like like a creative heartbeat providing jolts of energy. The recurring nature shows commitment and builds credibility you'll need for participants to open up. Eventually this trust and commitment is the core requirement to sustain a culture of innovation.


Doing something new is hard. Mistakes will happen, but practice makes it easy. Our platform provides guidance to learn faster and limit the amount of mistakes you make.

Idea contest concept illustration

Follow the roadmap

For each step our platform provides tips and tools to guide your team.

  • 1. Setup

    Initiate a new contest, using our checklist on how to get started.

  • 2. Send

    Send out the invitations. It often makes most sense to use regular email. Participants are not required to sign up.

  • 3. Collect

    Add new ideas using a form or use our simple email forwarding system.

  • 4. Analyze

    Discuss with your colleagues and use our different overviews for insightful perspectives.

  • 5. Select

    Select one or multiple winners of the contest.

  • 6. Reward

    Reward the winners. Support them by providing a mandate and resources to implement a pilot project.

There is a huge potential for innovation

Innovation is a team effort. Vision should be set from the top and ideas coming from all sides.

In our decades of experience in the creative industries we have worked with employees at every level. Often we hear about great ideas that fail to get noticed and gain traction.

On the other side, management feels innovation is stalling and has a hard time getting everybody excited about their projects. What a waste!

Despite all the expertise and creativity, we regularly see mediocre outcomes in products and services. Doing what always have been done and playing it safe is hurting these organizations. We learned that you need a process that rewards innovation. A clear and structured process with clear goals that build trust and makes it easy to keep everyone engaged.

Our mission

With our platform we want to be a catalyst for companies, charities and other organizations to make full use of their innovative potential. This will unlock more profit, products and services you can be proud of and an exciting workplace.


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